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Intelligent Distributed Control System

Jul. 14 ,2023

On March 16, Guoneng Zhishen Control Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "GuoNeng Zhishen") made a major appearance on the CCTV Science and Education Channel's "Fashion Science and Technology Show" special program "2022 New Technology", telling about the major scientific and technological innovation achievements in China's industrial control field "Intelligent decentralized control system (iDCS)". It shows the pioneering spirit of the core team of China's industrial control technology and the firm confidence of hard work.

Intelligent Distributed Control System (iDCS)

Industrial control system, known as the industrial brain, is the necessary guarantee for a country to stabilize the "energy rice bowl", national energy wisdom is the national team in the field of energy control, after 59 years of technical research and technology iteration, developed a fully independent intellectual property rights of intelligent decentralized control system -iDCS.

The traditional Distributed Control System (DCS), developed in the mid-1970s, integrates control technology, computer technology, image display technology and communication technology, also known as 4C technology. It has been widely used in power, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industrial control fields. DCS system to achieve the control and management of industrial production, not only can improve the operational efficiency of automated production, but also can enhance the stability of the production process, is one of the important ways to ensure industrial automation to achieve safe production.

Intelligent DistributedControlSystem (iDCS), based on the DCS system, integrates artificial intelligence, industrial big data analysis, industrial Internet, advanced control and other technologies, with independent analysis and decision-making capabilities. It realizes automatic fault diagnosis and early warning of equipment and process system, automatic adaptation and optimization under complex working conditions, and can gradually replace the operator's independent monitoring and operation of the unit. It's smarter than DCS! It can make the power generation production process safer, more efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly.

【 Flexible and efficient 】

As a typical representative of process industrial production, thermal power plants have a wide range of equipment and complex processes, and due to the influence of external environment, coal quality and power grid, how to ensure safe production of power plants, but also take into account external influencing factors, automatic and flexible real-time regulation, to achieve efficient coal saving production and further achieve environmental protection production. It is inseparable from a complex and intelligent industrial control system iDCS.

iDCS system can automatically adapt to the changes of external conditions through self-optimizing intelligent coordination control, and realize flexible and rapid load change in a wide load range of the unit. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the daily operation workload, reduce the operation intensity and greatly improve the monitoring efficiency through the highly automated auxiliary operation program and the automatic fault handling program based on the knowledge base.

A power plant with an installed capacity of 4×1000MW ultra-supercritical generating units can generate electricity for a city of 1 million people for 1 month. According to statistics, it is equivalent to the total installed power generation capacity of China in 1955, surprisingly, such a large-scale power plant, the number of personnel is only more than 100 people!

【 Wisdom 】

In terms of intelligence, iDCS is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:


Intelligent monitoring

The iDCS system can monitor the operation status of the units and equipment in the power plant 24 hours a day in an all-round way. When faults and anomalies are found, the operator is informed to deal with them at the first time. At the same time, the iDCS system can master the trend of changes through independent learning of parameters and historical data of the equipment to realize intelligent diagnosis and early warning. Help the staff to eliminate the potential risks of system operation and reduce the staff's manual operation.


Intelligent control

iDCS system also has the ability to learn independently and adapt to the environment quickly. For example, when local changes or abnormalities occur in the plant environment, equipment, fuel, and unit working conditions, the iDCS system can quickly adjust and adapt to make the power plant continue to run smoothly.

· Take the temperature control of the air cooling tower in a thermal power plant as an example, the air cooling tower is used to cool a part of the water (steam) out of the boiler, and the fan blade outside the air cooling tower is its switch to adjust the temperature. Before the earliest, the operator needs to judge the (weather) temperature, unit load, combustion and other conditions at the time, and manually regulate the temperature. With the application of Intelligent Distributed Control Systems (iDCS systems), it becomes very simple. iDCS system can adjust quickly and automatically according to the change of the environment at that time and the change of the load of the unit, so as to ensure the normal and stable operation of the unit and achieve real efficiency reduction.