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Features of DCS Control System

Dec. 24 ,2020

Let's first take a look at the literal meaning of the DCS system. Distributed control system is abbreviated to DCS, so the Chinese meaning of DCS system is "distributed control system", also known as distributed control system. DCS system is a new type of control system, which integrates process control and process monitoring together from the perspective of integrated automation. It combines 4C technology, computer, communication, CRT and control to meet the requirements of large-scale industrial production and increasingly complex process control.

The design concept of DCS system is: decentralized control, centralized management, hierarchical management, flexible configuration and convenient configuration.

Features of DCS system:

The design of reliability DCS system basically adopts redundancy design. Redundancy means that the important equipment, CPU and various modules of the system are designed in the form of one for use and one for standby. When a CPU or module fails, the standby equipment will work immediately, or both can be selected to work at the same time, so as to reduce the system caused by the failure of key equipment Unification is paralyzed.

The open system adopts open platform, which is systematic, modular and standardized. All interconnected computer systems can realize centralized interconnection and mutual access through Ethernet and other communication methods. When there is a need to increase or decrease the system, the module of the system can be increased or decreased directly, which is more convenient for system design and maintenance.

Nowadays, modular DCS system tends to be more modular design. All core equipment has become modular design, such as CPU, power supply, I / O module, communication module, AI / AO module. These devices are designed as independent modules. The assembly of a cabinet only needs to install the base of the module and install the corresponding module on the base The hardware is installed. Each module is integrated with its own CPU, with processing function, so the processing speed is faster. At the same time, each module does not interfere with each other. If there is a problem in one module, it will not affect other modules. It also supports hot swap.