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Industrial equipment renewal companies in action

May. 17 ,2024

Walking into the assembly workshop of Chongqing Ruilan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ruilan Automobile"), the blue vehicles are lined up row upon row, which is particularly eye-catching. "Starting from 2024, we will launch the Chongqing base's intelligent upgrading technical transformation project, which is planned to last until 2027. The total investment will exceed 300 million yuan, and the four major processes of stamping, welding, coating and total vehicle production will be intelligentized and Digital upgrading and transformation," Fang Yong, director of operations and management of Ruilan Automobile, said in an interview with a reporter from China Electronics News. After the project is implemented, the automation rate of vehicle welding side lines/main lines is expected to increase to 90%, significantly improving vehicle assembly efficiency and quality. As a new new energy brand established by Geely Automobile in early 2022, Ruilan Automobile has performed well, with cumulative sales from January to April this year increasing by 108.9% year-on-year. The company hopes to seize the opportunity of this round of industrial equipment renewal to improve quality and efficiency and enhance the company's competitiveness.

No coincidence. Recently, in the production workshop of Jiangxi Arrow Crown Technology Co., Ltd., under the operation of several workers, products are continuously output from the assembly line. By updating and upgrading the equipment, the company's production efficiency has increased by three times; through technical transformation of professional equipment and intelligent control management, Hubei Huangshi Dongbei Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huangshi Dongbei") has achieved an annual electricity saving of 1.2 million kilowatt-hours and a 20% reduction in comprehensive costs...

As the scale of my country's manufacturing industry continues to grow, some old, inefficient, and high-energy-consuming equipment have become shortcomings that restrict the transformation and upgrading of the industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently jointly issued the "Implementation Plan for Promoting Equipment Updating in the Industrial Sector" (hereinafter referred to as the "Implementation Plan") in conjunction with six departments to promote the high-end, intelligent, and green development of the manufacturing industry. Local governments have also introduced corresponding policies. . Taking advantage of this opportunity, enterprises are enthusiastic and promote equipment updates based on their own conditions through "one enterprise, one policy".

Enterprises are enthusiastic and invest real money

Industrial equipment renewal companies in action

Industry is both a supplier and a demander of various types of equipment. Industry experts believe that promoting large-scale equipment updates in the industrial field will help expand effective investment. At present, taking advantage of the policy, companies are investing real money to promote the implementation of the policy.

In the Dingzhou Park of Xuyang Group in the High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Dingzhou City, Hebei Province, hydrogen, methanol, ammonium sulfate and other products are continuously produced. The park also provides heating to the city and steam to surrounding companies.

Shao Changjing, assistant general manager of Xuyang Group’s Dingzhou Park, told China Electronics News: “As a comprehensive enterprise in the new energy industry, the company has always attached great importance to safety and environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, recycling, technological innovation, automation and informatization, etc. The company expects to invest 540 million yuan to introduce new production technologies, update new environmental protection and energy-saving equipment and facilities, eliminate and upgrade low-energy-efficiency equipment and old equipment, and further improve the level of intelligent management.”

"Ruilan Automobile estimates that the total investment in the intelligent improvement technological transformation project will exceed 300 million yuan." Fang Yong said. How to use this 300 million yuan? According to reports, Ruilan Automobile will carry out intelligent and digital upgrades on the four major processes of stamping, welding, coating and assembly of vehicle production, add stamping self-made parts and model line bodies; develop new molds, fixtures, inspection tools and other special equipment ; Add intelligent equipment such as door assembly lines, tire conveying lines and mechanical grippers; transform skids, spreaders, chassis holders, side tops, lifts and other conveying equipment to meet the production market guidance unit price of more than 130,000 yuan. High-end Rui Blue series models.

"In the past four years, Xingcheng Special Steel's cumulative project investment has exceeded 3.6 billion yuan for high-quality updates." Miao Liang, deputy director of the Development Department of CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group, introduced to reporters the group's Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xingcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd." Cheng Special Steel") said when updating the equipment. According to him, the 3.6 billion yuan investment mainly includes equipment in key production links, such as key equipment on the production line, core process equipment, etc. The performance of these equipment directly affects product quality and production efficiency. Among them, a total of 2.2 billion yuan has been invested in upgrading high-end equipment; with the improvement of environmental awareness, Xingcheng Special Steel has paid more and more attention to the energy consumption and environmental performance of equipment, and has invested a total of about 900 million yuan in environmental protection; in order to improve production efficiency and To reduce labor costs, Xingcheng Special Steel has invested more than 500 million yuan in the update of automation and intelligent equipment, as well as digital intelligence talents, R&D, and innovation. It will continue to promote the update of intelligent manufacturing and information equipment to create special An integrated management and control platform for the steel industry.

Like the above-mentioned companies, there are many companies that have invested over 100 million in equipment updates. After years of development, the demand for equipment upgrading and upgrading among Chinese enterprises has continued to increase. In 2023, the scale of equipment investment in the national industrial field will reach 4.4 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.7%, accounting for more than 70% of the total social equipment investment. There is a large space and potential for equipment renewal. Data from the National Development and Reform Commission show that with the in-depth advancement of high-quality development, the demand for equipment renewal will continue to expand, and it will be a huge market with an annual scale of more than 5 trillion yuan.

"In the next four years, Xingcheng Special Steel will continue to invest more than 3.5 billion yuan to implement high-end transformation, green equipment promotion and digital transformation projects." Miao Liang said.

Integrating software and hardware to improve quality and efficiency

Huangshi Dongbei is a precision manufacturing company mainly engaged in electrical equipment. As the company develops, Huangshi Dongbei also faces the pain points of high energy consumption, low efficiency, and the lack of a complete automatic hosting system. Through equipment updates, Huangshi Dongbei uses the industrial Internet platform to upload and analyze data in real time on a digital platform, achieving refined management and control of the station and intelligent automatic control of the equipment, and management and diagnosis by professionals, timely response, and accurate positioning. Achieve systematization and convenience. Through professional equipment technology transformation and intelligent control management, Huangshi Dongbei achieved annual electricity savings of 1.2 million kilowatt hours and annual energy savings of 1.8 million yuan. The comprehensive cost was reduced by 20%, and the energy consumption problem in the entire production was effectively solved.

"The new round of equipment updates is not a traditional hardware update. Today's equipment has become a combination of software and hardware, and software-embedded equipment has become a smart device." said Chen Lucheng, chairman and general manager of Haier Kaos IoT Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. .

Ye Xiulin, general manager of UFIDA Network's high-end BG intelligent manufacturing division, also expressed the same view: "Equipment updating in the industrial field is the key to accelerating the transformation of digital intelligence. New equipment often integrates more advanced technology applications, such as big data, edge computing, These technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, can significantly improve production efficiency and intelligence levels, and further promote the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. It is recommended that companies seize the opportunity of this equipment update to achieve effective integration and utilization of data, and optimize business processes. Improve decision-making efficiency.”

According to the "Implementation Plan", my country will implement digital transformation actions, promote the application of intelligent manufacturing equipment, accelerate the construction of smart factories, promote the in-depth application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and edge computing in the manufacturing process, and strengthen the construction of digital infrastructure.