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Q-DAS production line integrated Kanban program

Jul. 14 ,2023

Q-DAS production line integrated signage is a comprehensive signage designed for user production line management. It has the characteristics of high customization, rich display content and convenient configuration.

The Q-DAS O-QIS integrated Kanning solution for production lines can provide real-time data updates for production line management, and perform data summary and customized display based on the concerns of production line positions. The solution is designed to make it as easy as possible for users to monitor production line machines and processes. Once setup is complete, O-QIS runs automatically, monitoring the data in the database to understand the production line process. The user's attention information and the corresponding interface can be automatically switched, which enables the user management to efficiently understand the production line without unnecessary operations. The design of the indicator light will send a signal to the user in time, and put the problem parts of the production line and the measured parameters on the top of the reminder.

The alert rules include, but are not limited to:

• Tolerance alarm

• Pass rate alarm

• Tolerance percentage alarm

• Western electrical principles

• Ability to alarm

• Straight-through rate

The goal of the Q-DAS Integrated Kanban program is to provide information of concern to all levels of production line management, from line supervisors to managers. Q-DAS production line integrated Kanban solution can create a guide map containing the layout of production lines, workshops, and factories, and provide a summary view of different roles in the organizational structure based on the set factory structure, showing the key performance indicators and production quality status of concern.