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Invensys releases SimSci APC 2014

Aug. 07 ,2023

On February 10, 2014, Invensys, a leading global provider of the most advanced industrial software, systems and control equipment for major industries around the world, announced the launch of the latest version of SimSci® Advanced Process Control (APC) software. SimSci APC 2014, which will be released in the spring, will help customers shorten plant test and commissioning schedules while improving plant operations and personnel performance.

(SimSci APC 2014 greatly expands the performance of traditional APC tools, and its powerful computing language, Director, enables control engineers to add and build custom controller support.)

This innovative product was created with an emphasis on ease of use. It has a modern graphical user interface while also maintaining a rigorous and powerful computing engine from the company's successful Connoisseur APC product. The new SimSci APC 2014 software is built around an enhanced, natural workflow, including full support for model file development and a connectivity wizard that enables faster integration with any distributed control system and programmable logic controller. Includes Invensys' Foxboro®I/A Series® DCS and the new Foxboro Evo? Process automation system. The software will even be more tightly integrated into future versions of the Foxboro Evo system to provide even more robust simulation performance.

Peter Reynolds, Senior Consultant at ARC Consulting Group, said: "Advanced process control can bring huge improvements to plant efficiency and performance, but it is largely underutilized. Part of the reason for this is that some potential users find it challenging as well as improving. Invensys was the first to solve this problem with a new graphical interface, intuitive workflow and a customized computing engine. Making optimization easier will enable both experienced APC users and the next generation of engineers and operators to better address a wider range of process states and solve more complex business challenges."

SimSci APC 2014 software greatly expands the performance of traditional APC products to gain more control in the process. Among them, a powerful new feature called Director enables control engineers to build custom calculations or add custom support controller features to enhance the user experience. Natural workflows speed up modeling, configuration, and deployment. In addition, additional features make the software suitable for full APC project implementation. These improvements can make it easier for temporary workers to build and maintain APC applications, as well as reduce implementation and commissioning time by up to 50%.

Tom Kinney, Vice president of Invensys Optimisation, said: "We are very excited about the latest APC product announcements. The product is built on our market-leading Connoisseur APC software to help customers improve quality, increase production and reduce energy consumption. The software was developed with the end user in mind, and it includes several well-thought-out features to help achieve better and more sustainable process control. The built-in automatic discovery wizard captures the specific structure of any DCS, allowing for faster label connections; Its automated testing capabilities mean faster and more flexible configuration; It can be applied directly to tablets; Its new click and drag feature allows users to select the best model from a wide range of scenarios; Customizable user-defined functions improve users' ability to respond to changing process conditions. The end result is that SimSci APC 2014 software delivers a better, more user-friendly and flexible user experience than traditional APC applications, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity for operators and engineers."

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